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Abi Homer

Performance Coach

Abi grew up with the notion that moving well and living active is a non-negotiable. In her former years, you’d have found her running around the English countryside, competing in various sports from athletics to rock climbing her way through Europe – you’ll recognise this in her functional approach to exercise.

Having started her career in fitness after completing her degree and a significant time doing a traditional 9-5 in the corporate space, Abi can relate and empathise with clients living a lifestyle that avoids healthy habits, one that lacks motivation and one that prioritises convenience over preparation.

With over 3 years’ experience as a coach in Sydney, Abi has helped clients redeem their enthusiasm for movement, find excitement in strength
& conditioning and has been able to share her wealth of knowledge gained from an abundance of industry experts. Abi’s approach is contagious, fun and educational. Clients quickly recognise Abi’s mission to demonstrate that we all have the opportunity to live a happy, well-balanced lifestyle.

Abi is confident that with the right guidance, education and support, any mindset can be altered to see the enjoyment in a consistent approach towards training, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

“Danger is real, Fear is a choice – a product of our imagination” – so don’t let the fear of starting your journey stop you from reaching your potential.

  • Bachelor of Marketing
  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (L1 Coach)
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • First Aid / CPR