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The benefits of our exercise programs go far beyond the standard. We teach you to avoid injury, develop total body strength, improve range of motion with load and increase your power. You’ll learn master exercise techniques, transforming yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

The result? You’ll experience the power of positive change, and you’ll strive towards becoming your best self.



All ION staff are professionally accredited in their respective fields, we are proud of our affiliation with EXOSASCA and ESSA – our team of Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Allied Health Professionals will provide you with a high standard of supervision while delivering a bespoke training experience and ensure you are working to the best of your own abilities to achieve your strength and fitness goals.

Our world class fitout includes Woodway Curve treadmills, Octane AirDyneX fan bikes, Concept2 Rowers + SkiErgs, SKLZ prehab/rehab performance accessories, PowerPlate pro6 HP+ Vibrating Platforms and a custom designed elite level AlphaFit Strength training area with olympic barbells, bumper weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, specialty barbells and suspension training.

We have an immersive SONOS surround sound audio system throughout the facility to keep the beats (and your heart) thumping while you train.

We also have premium shower facilities with complimentary towel service and Parlux hairdryers – restrooms are stocked with toiletries including body wash, shampoo and conditioner.



The resistance training component of ION programs will help you see results faster and you will experience progressive strength gains which are tracked and monitored by our Director of Training. This style of programming is not just about increasing the strength of your larger muscles – it improves stabilising strength which supports proper alignment, movement patterns and energy transfer.

At ION, we focus on multi-joint movements. Our systemised training method engages many muscles simultaneously, which expends more energy. You’ll burn more calories and get more return for your time invested. With a smarter workout intensity, you will improve your fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, stability and mobility. You will also improve your body composition by increasing your lean body mass – the key to a genuinely healthy physique.


Forget what you believe about cardio – fat burning zones, long distance running and hours on the treadmill or stationary bike to only feel limited results. Your time is not being best used with these outdated training methods if your goal is to improve body composition and to get stronger, fitter and healthier.

With ION Conditioning, you’ll train at a smarter intensity level which is optimised and monitored by our coaching staff each session. You’ll improve the performance of your body’s energy systems, overall work capacity, strength and stamina.

We enhance the physical and mental capabilities of the everyday person and developed this method of training to ensure everyone can do it. The principles of our program remain the same, but the sessions vary across activity, time domains, equipment usage and delivery.

The ultimate goal is to build a well-rounded individual who is free of injury, strong, fit and mobile. We believe motivation gets you through our doors. Discipline will keep you here.

Meet The ION Training Team

Rhys Pritchard

Training Director
Performance Specialist

Former professional Rugby League player, Rhys is one of Sydney’s leading Strength & Conditioning Coaches. Since retiring from the NRL, Rhys turned his focus to helping everyday people become better than yesterday. His mission is to help people make fitness a priority, through functional training that gets results.

Vincent Wong

Managing Director
Performance Specialist

Vincent has been involved in the fitness industry as a business consultant and performance coach for over 6 years. Working with Australia’s most respected fitness business operations, Vincent’s consulting experience includes major commercial gyms, international functional fitness franchises, CrossFit boxes, Strength & Conditioning facilities, High Performance Centres in the NRL, AFL, A-League & Elite Schools + Universities, Australian Defence Force and Police training facilities as well as premium Personal Training studios.

Matt Mcilwrick

Operations Director
Performance Specialist

Rugby League player Matt is a professional athlete in the NRL. A health and fitness enthusiast from a young age, Matt moved from New Zealand to Australia at the age of 16 to pursue a career with the NRL. Making his elite debut in 2012, Matt signed to the Canberra Raiders, followed by prestigious stints with the Sydney Roosters

Ellen Wong

Community Manager
Senior Performance Coach

With a holistic health and fitness philosophy, Ellen believes that training consistently and regularly will transfer discipline to all areas of life. Her impressive credentials across a Biomedical Science Degree , Strength & Conditioning training, Pilates qualification and EXOS Performance Mentoring ensures that her extensive experience within the fitness industry is complimented by her unique scientifically minded approach, one that goes beyond standard trainer levels.

Sam Rooney

Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Performance Coach

Sam has worked with people from all walks of life, Accredited Exercise Physiologist Sam Rooney draws on over 10 years’ experience in the industry to bring a knowledgeable and well rounded experience to the clients he works with. Sam’s breadth of experience has seen him working in clinical settings, treating someone suffering 17 spinal fractures and a broken pelvis to working with elite athletes now performing at the top of their sport.

Brooke Norgate

Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Yoga & Pilates Instructor

From a young age, dance, gymnastics and aerobics became a part of Brooke’s life and at 16 she made her first world championships in Sport Aerobics. This led to successfully competing for Australia for 10 years – training and competing at this level exposed her to experiencing multiple injuries which led Brooke to discovering the value of both Pilates and Yoga in looking after the body.

Ryan Abbott

Senior Performance Coach
Exercise & Sport Scientist

From a young age, Ryan has been passionate about health, fitness and all things strength – stemming from his own struggles with self-esteem, confidence and concentration. Ryan’s hunger to learn and develop his own body took over his life, his free time was consumed with hours spent scouring the internet and books for any information that could be used to further his own training.

Marika Day

Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Marika Day is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist. Since completing both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees at the University of Queensland she has worked in a range of fields of nutrition including sports nutrition, weight loss, womens health and gut issues.

Tanya Poppett

Performance Coach

Tanya is an experienced fitness instructor and online personal trainer. She believes training people to reach their potential safely and properly is key to delivering lasting results both physically and mentally.

Abi Homer

Performance Coach

Abi grew up with the notion that moving well and living active is a non-negotiable. In her former years, you’d have found her running around the English countryside, competing in various sports from athletics to rock climbing her way through Europe – you’ll recognise this in her functional approach to exercise.

Ben Crerar

Performance Coach

Exercise and movement have always been a huge part of my life. Playing rugby from a young age, now playing in the Sydney Shute Shield competition for the Manly Marlins, also playing for the NSW Waratahs 7s team I have been in and around the gym/ fitness industry for a number of years, learning from top coaches and trainers over the years.

Sean McInroy

Performance Coach

Sean is one of Sydney’s leading Strength and Performance Coaches with an extensive background in elite sport and a comprehensive history of working with a wide cross-section of everyday people.