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Rhys Pritchard

Training Director, Performance Specialist

Former professional Rugby League player, Rhys is one of Sydney’s leading Strength & Conditioning Coaches. Since retiring from the NRL, Rhys turned his focus to helping everyday people become better than yesterday. His mission is to help people make fitness a priority, through functional training that gets results.

Rhys’ personal experience as an elite level athlete has accelerated his professional development and expertise as a fitness professional with over 13 years experience, enhanced by a higher level of education and training since retiring from the NRL. Experienced in coaching a variety of individuals, from one-to-one clients to large corporate groups, Rhys’ style of programming incorporates all elements of Strength & Conditioning and is suitable for all levels of fitness, ages and abilities.

You will be hard pressed to find someone who is as disciplined and meticulous as Rhys, these qualities transfer to his work life as ION’s Head Coach and he expects clients to be disciplined, accountable and patient with their training. Rhys will ensure you reach your personal training goals with only one catch, you must turn up.

“I believe everybody has a purpose in life. This is mine. To make you physically and mentally stronger through training.”


  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (L1 Coach)
  • EXOS Performance Mentorship – PHASE 3
  • EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS)
  • ALTIS Foundation Course
  • ALTIS Apprentice Coach Program
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Australian Combat & Exercise – Boxing Skills & Fitness
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Certificate IV Fitness
  • First Aid / CPR