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Ryan Abbott

Senior Performance Coach, Exercise & Sport Scientist

From a young age, Ryan has been passionate about health, fitness and all things strength – stemming from his own struggles with self-esteem, confidence and concentration. Ryan’s hunger to learn and develop his own body took over his life, his free time was consumed with hours spent scouring the internet and books for any information that could be used to further his own training.

Beginning a dual bachelor of Chemical Engineering & Physics at Sydney University in 2012, Ryan continued to devote all his spare time to reading and self-educating in new methods to improve his strength and sporting ability. In 2014 Ryan transferred into a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports science at the University of Technology Sydney and began working as a Strength & Conditioning coach.

Ryan believes that training is not simply about the attainment of certain standards, but also the commitment, effort, discomfort and hard work required which will yield the biggest changes in an individual.

Since 2014 Ryan graduated with Distinction from the University of Technology Sydney, became the youngest certified Gym Jones instructor in the world and has spent 12 months interning at some of the biggest Strength and Conditioning facilities in the US.

“An easy life is a life without significance. Suffering is what gives a person strength and worth, just as the steel hammered most becomes the hardest and most valuable”


  • Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science (UTS)
  • Gym Jones – Fully Certified Instructor
  • Certificate 4 in Fitness
  • Australian Combat & Exercise – Boxing Skills & Fitness
  • First Aid / CPR