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Best place to train in Sydney! I tried ION at the beginning of this year and straight away knew it was the place I was looking for. From the minute I walked in every coach & member made me feel welcome & well looked after. The programming is obviously top level but the way the coaches deliver the classes & provide each member with such attention & personal coaching is what makes it stand out. The only place I’ve been in Sydney where I feel the concept of “Group Personal Training” actually makes sense. Unreal team of staff & awesome facilities.

Heather Rowland

ION is the best gym I’ve trained at. The calibre of the trainers and quality of the equipment is the best I’ve seen. Each workout is perfectly planned and the coaching from the team is personalised and supportive to what I need depending on how I am feeling on the day. The coaches will modify movements to ensure I get the most out of my training and always know how much to encourage me to get the best out of my performance. The staff truly care about you as an individual here, you are not treated like another number where they want you in and out. I couldn’t recommend this training experience enough!

Tegan Oakley

I cannot recommend ION highly enough. It’s the most state of the art gym I’ve ever trained at, however that is not what keeps me coming back. The ION staff are absolutely first class. Many of them are ex-professional athletes, and it really shows. Everything is done for a purpose and they have in depth knowledge of body mechanics, strength movements and mobility. I’ve been training for a long time prior to training at ION and yet I’ve still learned so much! There is no ego, just a great community to help you better yourself. All you have to do is walk in and be willing to work.

Dan Pepyat

Nothing in Sydney beats ION when it comes to premium small group training. I searched for 2 years for a gym which matches the quality of my old studio in London, and only ION does that! Genuinely nice, and extremely professional coaches – combined with high quality, industry leading workouts. I am significantly stronger and fitter than when I first joined over a year ago and my understanding of how my body moves and how certain positions should feel is not even comparable to what it used to be. I recommend you just give it a go and there’s a good chance you won’t ever look back.

Hannah Stephens

ION allows me to train at my best every time I walk through their doors. Their coaches look after everyone individually, even though we train in small groups. I have been able to not only maintain my strength and fitness levels since retiring from professional sport, I now feel more balanced in the way I move and perform because the program allows me to do things which I would normally leave out of my own routine. It is very refreshing to train in a world class facility which focuses on getting the best out of each member based on their training abilities and a team of coaches who are truly professionals at what they do. I highly recommend ION for anyone who is looking to take the thinking out of their training.

Drew Mitchell

I work a stressful, busy job in Sydney CBD so I don’t have time for inefficient training that takes hours and often left guessing what to do next. When I first heard about ION, I wanted results in a supportive group environment, and that’s exactly what I’ve found. The trainers are world-class, constantly helping me to achieve greater things, and in 9 months I’ve achieved strength and fitness gains I wouldn’t have thought possible. I can hand on heart say there’s no studio gym I have found which matches what ION can offer in regards to individualised service and premium facilities, and I’m always excited to see where it takes me next!

Ruby Yeats

Starting at ION has been such a great change. I really enjoy the fact that the classes push you and the trainers really help you progress and make sure your form is correct. The thing that drew me in the most was the great culture, everyone’s friendly and trainers are all so lovely and go out of their way to help and connect with you. My body has transformed and I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been, there is no denying that the training “works” and will make you question how you’ve been training to date. I’ve had such a great experience and I highly recommend it to my friends and anyone looking for something new.

Asha Walsh


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