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During this quieter period in Sydney CBD with the COVID-19 uncertainty stopping thousands of transient workers coming into the city for work, we took the chance to sit down with our Training Director, Rhys Pritchard, to ask him about discipline, maintaining routine in your life, and training at home.

We’ve always believed that discipline trumps inspiration – now more than ever.

ION Training Director Rhys Pritchard

Here at ION, we are firm believers in:

  1. hard work (effort) and
  2. discipline

The idea of hard work and discipline can change our thoughts, which influences our actions, that creates our habits and ultimately, ourselves.

A routine that is structured and organised leads to positive outcomes. Without routine, our minds start to wander (think of the sympathetic nervous system which directs the body’s rapid involuntary response to dangerous or stressful situations) which can become more physically and mentally draining than you can imagine.

It is important during this time that you stay routined, focused (eye on the prize), and keep to your schedule as best as you can.

This may include training at home instead of at the gym or your usual place of physical training.

But that’s OK. There is no need to panic. Remember all that hard work and discipline you saved in the bank over many days, months, weeks and years?

Now’s the time to cash in!

Your discipline allows you to continue your routine (being flexible), without the need to stress or panic.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to exercise. Hence why having to train at home should not deter, nor derail your health and fitness goals.

Big gym, small gym, no gym, outdoors, indoors, equipment. No equipment. It all WORKS.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” Aristotle PHILOSOPHER

Why should we continue to exercise during this period?

Here are 16 reasons why:

  1. Maintain functional ability
  2. Limit stress
  3. Prevent osteoporosis
  4. Increase metabolic rate: the amount of energy used by an animal per unit of time.
  5. Decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure and arterial stiffness: “Healthy Heart”
  6. Decrease body fat
  7. Reduce the risk of diabetes + heart disease
  8. Reduce the risk of falls, fractures, and disabilities
  9. Decrease cardiovascular demands of exercise
  10. Increase muscle and connective tissue strength and hypertrophy
  11. Increase mobility and joint stability
  12. Improve posture, balance, and coordination
  13. Increase brain/cognitive function
  14. Increase confidence, self-esteem, and happiness
  15. Increase strength, power, speed, and endurance
  16. Improve quality of life and limit the risk of mortality


What benefits are there for home training?

Here are three:

  1. Mental Health: Exercise has been shown to improve anxiety, stress and panic symptoms. During this time of uncertainty, we CAN control how we respond to situations. The idea of exercise may help us with more mental clarity.
  2. Muscle and Strength Retention: Maintaining your muscle and strength levels to ensure all your hard work is maintained during this novel time. Think of your muscle and strength like a bank account. You have been making small deposits each day. You have slowly built up your bank balance over time. The last thing you want is to close the account without withdrawing!
  3. Convenience: Its YOU and only YOU. The exercise space and your equipment (if needed) is close by and ready when you are.
Unsure of how to plan your workout?

K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid). No need to overthink. We have done the planning for you. The ION Train At Home Program requires little to zero equipment, so there are no excuses. Remember: Consistency is key for longevity.

If you’re working from home or in self isolation after recent travel, we invite you to use our basic TRAIN AT HOME PROGRAM by tapping HERE.

It’s short, simple and 100% free.

Rhys Pritchard, Training Director, Performance Specialist

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