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Why ION Strength Training?

The resistance training component of ION programs will help you see results faster and you will experience progressive strength gains which are tracked and monitored by our Director of Training. This style of programming is not just about increasing the strength of your larger muscles – it improves stabilising strength which supports proper alignment, movement patterns and energy transfer.

At ION, we focus on multi-joint movements. Our systemised training method engages many muscles simultaneously, which expends more energy. You’ll burn more calories and get more return for your time invested. With a smarter workout intensity, you will improve your fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, stability and mobility. You will also improve your body composition by increasing your lean body mass – the key to a genuinely healthy physique.

Why ION Conditioning?

Forget what you believe about cardio – fat burning zones, long distance running and hours on the treadmill or stationary bike to only feel limited results. Your time is not being best used with these outdated training methods if your goal is to improve body composition and to get fitter, faster.

With ION Conditioning, you’ll train at a smarter intensity level which is optimised and monitored by our coaching staff each session. You’ll improve the performance of your body’s energy systems, overall work capacity, strength and stamina.

We enhance the physical and mental capabilities of the everyday person and developed this method of training to ensure everyone can do it. The principles of our program remain the same, but the sessions vary across activity, time domains, equipment usage and delivery.

The ultimate goal is to build a well-rounded individual who is free of injury, strong, fit and mobile. We believe motivation gets you through our doors. Discipline will keep you here.